Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Technology in the Quinn School

The usage of computers during my time here in Quinn has been really great, In fact I would not like to imagine what college life without my laptop and the internet would be like, both of these are now things that not only do I take for granted, but I think I would suffer somewhat severe withdrawal symptoms if they were taken away from me… yes they ARE that great.
I remember in first year being quite a computer illiterate individual, I could type about 4 words a minute and I had NO idea how to use Powerpoint, Excel or any of the programs that are now indispensable to me. Furthermore during my internship with Accenture this summer I found that my prior experience with computers from both in and out of class was a huge help. So not only are they great to help out in projects in college they also give you a head start in the workplace.
The internet has also helped me out significantly throughout various courses and has also made life much easier for me and my colleagues by allowing us to take care of work from different parts of the city, or indeed the world, without having to face a lengthy commute. When I was in Canada last March one of my team was able to email me a document that needed to be edited, I was able to edit it, send it back to him and talk to him about it over MSN, all from the convenience of my laptop.

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I am Agus Nugroho, i read your contents and you published very good contents. But where have you been now?? they are useful for other students.

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